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shattered hope (contemporary romance)

Chapter five

Stella gazed down at her baby girl with all the love in her heart. She couldn’t help but spill a few tears. Your daddy would have loved you she thought as she continued to look down at her. She was a very beautiful girl and was a replica of her father. Stella hadn’t even thought about a name yet, they had planned to do it together but now he wasn’t coming back even though it was very hard to believe. Before long her baby started making sounds that signified she was hungry. Stella smiled and positioned her under her breast.

Stella gently laid her sleeping baby in her crib feeling extremely grateful for her. This child was her ray of light in the darkness surrounding her. Closing the door softly she went to do the laundry to keep herself from thinking. Still yet her thoughts went to her husband. Wiping a lone tear that escape her eyes she went about her business.

Soon she heard a sound in the parlor and went to investigate. Stella stopped in her tracks when she reached the…

Shattered hope (contemporary romance)

Chapter four

Stella was checked in as soon as she arrived at the hospital mostly due to her condition. Her vitals were checked and she kept in the extensive care unit. Her parents had been informed and they were all in the waiting room awaiting the doctor’s report. As soon as he came out they rushed to him.

“Doctor how is she? Is the baby alright?”

“Yes she’s okay. Just unconscious but she will be fine soon”

“Thank you Doctor. Please can we see her?”

“Sure why not” he turned to show them to her room

“If you will excuse me, I have some work to get back to” the doctor told her parents as he hurried away.

They entered her room holding each other’s hand for comfort. Her mum sat by her bedside crying softly while her dad stood by the side rubbing her shoulders.

It was really hard watching their daughter stay like that the whole week and all they could do was pray for her.

Stella’s eyes fluttered open as she tried to take in her surroundings. Her mum was asleep on her dads lap whil…

shattered hope (contemporary romance)

Chapter three

It was just a couple of weeks to Christmas and preparations had already begun. Everywhere Stella went she saw smiling faces, people buying presents, Christmas decorations and many others. She really wished her husband was with her. Her parents had invited her to spend the holidays with them but she declined. It wouldn’t feel the same.

She tried to avoid going to places that reminded her of the beauty in Christmas. She couldn’t wait for her husband's return. She believed there will still be time for them to decorate their own tree since he promised to come back a week to Christmas.

Stella woke up on the last day of the week feeling a bit weak. Few days left and her husband would be home so why couldn’t she shake off the feeling that something serious was going to happen though she didn’t know whether it was something good or bad. After saying her morning prayers she went to the kitchen to fix herself breakfast. The school where she worked had closed for the Christmas …

Shattered Hope (contemporary romance)

Chapter two

The months following her husband's departure passed in a blur. Every morning since he left, Stella felt the same desire of not leaving the bed. She got up only for the sake of her baby knowing that if she didn’t eat and sleep well, she could be risking his/her life.

About two months had passed since his departure and in those two months, she heard from him just once. According to him communication from the war zone was not really easy. Stella wondered why they couldn’t just sign a peace treaty and end the war. She felt disgusted at the greedy and selfish nature of the government. They wanted to win the war at all cost and didn’t mind the fathers, husbands and sons that would die in the process. Unfortunately for Stella, her husband was among the men risking their lives for the country and all she could do was pray daily for his safety. She decided that once he came back this time around they would have a long talk and hopefully he would put in his resignation.


Shattered Hope (contemporary romance)

Chapter one

Stella watched sadly as her husband packed his suitcase. He just arrived home two weeks ago and he was already leaving again. Even though she didn’t like his job, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. Not unless she wanted to starve. His lack of education was one of the primary reasons he couldn’t get a good job.

Things hadn’t been this bad when they first got married. She met him where they both worked as teacher in their local secondary school. Though life had not been rosy for them, she preferred his previous job to this one.

If the management hadn’t laid off some workers, he wouldn’t be embarking on this trip neither would she feel so helpless. Now she barely got to spend time with him since he served in the military and like he always said duty came first.

"I need to get a glass of water" she mumbled to him and headed out

Her two years old marriage had gone a true whole lot more than other marriages. She really hoped they survive it. Communicat…

A second chance (contemporary romance)

Chapter six
Emilia felt extreemly tired as she got ready for monday practicals. The weekend had been very rough for her. Mathew called and texted her throughout but she ignored it. She felt like it was rude to do so since he didnt even know what he did wrong. A small voice in her heart kept telling her that Mathew couldnt be like Kelvin. Instead of listening to it, she tuned it out. As she left her room that day, a part of her hoped she wouldnt run into him while the other part wished she could see him again.

It was already lunch time and she had been working with her project partner all morning even though it was very hard to concentrate. As she entered her car, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and sighed softly, it was Mathew and there was no way she would pick up. She started the car and drove to where she would eat lunch.

First thing she did after entering was to scan the resturant for him...not seeing him there made her both happy and disappointed. She took a …

A second chance (contemporary romance)

Chapter five

The week passed rapidly and Emilia felt very thankful for that. Not seeing Mathew all through the week did'nt stop him from invading her thoughts. The fundraiser was to hold on saturday evening and she realized that she did'nt have the right dress to wear. She did'nt pack any evening gown because she had no plans of going anywhere important. The only option left was for her to go shopping for a gown and shopping didnt go down well with Emilia.

As she entered the hall, she went striaght to the ladies section and began searching for the right one. When she came out of the dressing room she made a beeline for the cashier's table to pay for the one she had chosen. She then hurried out feeling like there were other useful things to do with her time. In her haste, she didnt see someone coming her way and bumped right into him.

"someone's in a hurry today" he teased as he steadied her

"Mathew...." she mumbled trying to reduce the …